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A popular word “Co” can also be abbreviated as certificate of origin; it’s an important document which has legal worth. Basically a certificate of origin can be defined as an international trade document or legitimate note of trade attesting the overall amount of goods a supplier supplying from boarder to boarder.

Typically it’s a unique sort of certificate which prepared by agencies for goods available in a particular export shipment. Such certificate may tell about items those are wholly obtained, manufactured or processed in a particular country & now supplying through cargo ship. The pivotal purpose of certificate of origin or “CO” is to constitute a declaration by the exporter. We can simply say that a legal document which used by exporter for international trade is known as certificate of origin.

As far as it use as an electronically printed form which completed by export agency or exporter itself via certifying that this package of goods has been attesting that the goods available in particular shipment have manufactured in a certain country. Perhaps the issuing body or exporter may develop a statement which refers the name & other info of country where from the goods has been supplying or manufactured. Over & above the amount of data comprise by certificate of origin are; name of products, quantity of goods, exporter info, signature of the authority issuing aforesaid certificate,  legal stamp & even more. The certificate of origin mutually assists the both exporter & buyer, for instance; In point of view of purchaser the certificate of origin always acts as evidence, whereas by certificate an exporter is all set to legally explain about goods issued accordingly the terms of authority. At the same time the certificate of origin also secures the exporter from the problem probably can be faced during the process of export. Moreover from all over the globe each & every nation has their own chamber of commerce who issue certificate of origin, the authority ask exporter that he should have to pay the fee of certificate of origin , actually here’s one more noticeable thing is the payment of “CO” that are always depends upon the validity date of origin certificate.

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Certificate of Origin Template

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