Divorce Certificate Template

The divorce certificate present as a proof which explains a certain couple is now legally divorced. First of all we can say that a divorce certificate also known as divorce decree. Although this is a legal document fully prepared by the court on the request of couple, their lawyer, etc. The most common reason making a divorce certificate is having a marriage certificate that a couple requested to have with them as a license of marriage during the start of their wedding life.

Basically the vital purpose of divorce certificate is to setting forth the terms and conditions of the divorce. However the divorce decree is the only type of document prepared for the separation of two persons who before promise to live together throughout the cycle of life. To be honest there could be intensive reasons to get divorce, maybe for disobedient, misbehave, lack of communication, lack of understanding upon matters, violence, financial problems, sexual dissatisfaction or even more. In addition a divorce certificate serves as a proof that explains such couple is not a couple anymore, in fact now become an ex because they have been legally divorced and they both are now free to remarry with anyone they desire.

A divorce certificate is generally signed by the judge of court where both or at least one file a request for divorce. Well there is a minor difference between divorce & separation, unlike legally getting divorce; a legal separation does not put an end to the marriage, yes! It enables couples to live separately but remain married. Whenever a couple or at least one from both wants to get divorce he/she should have to file an application containing apprehensions that after becomes the acumen for getting divorce. Logically they should have to file a request of divorce with the addition of reasoning sheet at the office of county clerk & probably the office of judge at national family court, actually the court is a place where from certain Judge will make a decision & prepare a document or certification for divorce decree. Usually the divorce decree will issue from county where the plaintiff resides or where from they got married. Further a divorce certificate may comprise the following data, for instance; divorce certificate will contains the basic information about the spouses, exact date and place they have ended their marriage, date of marriage, reasons for divorce, names of witness for divorce if available, ex-couple’s addresses, info about children if own, enclosed amount of property, shares of  inheritance or legacy,  etc. Furthermore here’s one more thing couple should have to consider, whereas before getting a divorce certificate officially the office will provide a divorce order. Moreover a divorce order will not proof that you are legally divorced because there is usually a waiting period after the divorce has been granted before it will take effect. Notwithstanding the court will not issue a divorce certificate until the waiting period has elapsed and the divorce has taken effect legally.

Divorce Certificate


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