Marriage Certificate Template

A marriage certificate state as a popular document legitimately serves as a copy of the record of a legal marriage, typically marriage certificates issued by national identification authority or agency with some details about names of couple, their wedding date & few other relevant data is called a marriage certificate.

Despite the other facts it’s (marriage certificate) acceptable as a legal document. With regarding a certified marriage document or marriage certificate constitutionally shows the state seal or imprinted stamp. No doubt a marriage certificate serves as an official record, because it’s a legal document issued by a governmental authority that briefly proves that such couple listed on the marriage certificate have a legal marriage. In certain cases or most areas of life a marriage certificate uses to keep it as evidence of marriage, although it keeps for long time as part of the public record of marriage. In addition a professionally prepared marriage certificate basically contains the name & age of couples as well as when they were married, how they ‘were married, where they were married, who married them, and who was there as witness or even more.

In some stomping ground or especially in jurisdictions a marriage certificate work as an official record that explains two people (couple) have undertaken a marriage ceremony. In simple words we can say that marriage certificate also known as a marriage licenses that do exist globally. However in purview a marriage certificate handle from two aspects, meanwhile it also serve dual purpose for instance; handover as a granting permission for a marriage, record the fact that aforesaid marriage has been performed. Endorsing the same document know as marriage certificate may be required for the number of reasons, just like for; required as evidence during divorce, during lawful purposes, issues of legitimacy of child, for name changing, for migration, immigration and visa purpose, proceeding of certain legitimating act, need of marriage certificate can also take place due to find out the genealogical history of couple maybe for tackling with some strange situations. No two ways about it’s generally the responsibility of judge who bind two individuals as couple in the string of happiness, to licensed the marriage of couple from government authorized body. In addition a judge of wedding ceremony should have to make sure that a signed marriage license is delivered to the recorder’s office.  Perhaps once a marriage license is signed and filed with the county clerk, the license automatically becomes the marriage certificate. Almost certainly in the intervening period of time the recorder’s office will process the filing and recording of the marriage license, usually recorder officer will take wait several weeks to process the legal procedure of marriage certificate, & once all the lawful procedure have successfully done couple will receiving marriage certificate. Suppose you have lost your original marriage certificate or now you have require a new, in order to receive an additional copy of a marriage certificate, you need to send your request along with the required fee to the recorder’s office of the county where the marriage took place.

Marriage Certificate

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